Saturday, May 2, 2009


Today's main event was an exciting trip to the dentist. I'm really reaching low when I have to talk about teeth on the blog. Maybe no one wants to hear about it, so I'll say very little. Fear Factor should have a stunt involving dentistry. It seems to top the fears of most people. I would say that my dislike of needles in any situation is pretty high on the list, leading me to stay away from dentists, dealers and doctors. But the visit today was less painful that I expected, four fillings. I've got four more coming next week.

On the subject of books, a pleasurable meander through a large second hand store in the city produced several neat things. I bought Erasmus' Praise of Folly, The Four Loves by C. S. Lewis, I'm a Stranger Here Myself by the very funny Bill Bryson and finally, Confessions of a Philosopher by Bryan Magee. Also on the shelf is a volume of poetry by Alexander Pope. Poetry isn't really my favorite, so I doubt that Pope will get read, at least not very quickly.

I can't tell if this blog is becoming boring. That is another fear, coming after heights, snakes and robbers.

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