Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Five foods

I've been tagged by Linda at Kayaksoup for a food meme. Melissa of The Traveler's Lunchbox started it all and has kept a running list of the entries.

Five foods to eat before you die!

Here's my list:

1) Toro or the fatty part of the tuna belly, served raw. I don't care if you're squeemish about eating raw fish. One taste of toro dipped in a little bit of soy sauce with a dot of wasabi will change your mind forever about sashimi.

2) Duck confit. I crave duck confit during the dark winter months. There's something about the fatty, salty, and gamey taste of a duck confit leg that's so comforting. For me it's the highlight in a dish of cassoulet.

3) Crawfish. You have to travel to New Orleans though to do this one right: A heaping plate of spicy boiled crawfish in a bar on Bourbon Street while listening to a live jazz band. I'm going to New Orleans again in January, (my first visit back since April 2003) so I hope to enjoy it again.

4) Okanagan peaches. The Okanagan region is located in the southern interior of British Columbia. It's about a four- or five-hour drive east of Vancouver. The region is famous for its wine and fruit. The peaches from this region are my favourite--the flavour is so intense and the peaches are so juicy and perfumy. It's a sensual experience. The city of Penticton even hosts a Peach Festival every August.

5) Chablis Epoisses cheese from Burgundy. I tasted some of this cheese when I was in France in July 2003 and I've never forgotten it. It's one of those cheeses that knocks your head back when you eat it. It has the lovely creamy consistency of a triple-cream brie, but the flavour is incredibly strong, like a blue or a munster cheese.