Thursday, January 29, 2009

Today, when I took a break from digging in the garden to read the Superhero Journal, there was a post about a unique website. It's called 2 Do Before I Die. People are writing lists of all the crazy, mundane, tiny and big things they want to do in their lives, and telling stories about what they've already done. Two of my favorites are "Do Absolutely Nothing, by Nic" and "Meet Mr. Rogers, by Benjamin." I'll talk about Mr. Rogers on here sometime, that story made all of my childhood flash before my eyes. Anyway, I'm going to start my own list, and share them with you as I go. Here's a few to start.

Fly in a small plane over my house.
Go to a Coldplay concert.
Make someone blush.
Go on a walking tour in England.
Live in Lexington.
Build my physical endurance.
Grow corn.
See a movie outside.
Ride a horse on a beach.
Learn to pray.
Love a tenderhearted man.
Publish my photos in a newspaper or magazine.
Go to the Glastonbury Festival.
Find ever so many ways to be eccentric.
Indulge in my love of Jane Austen.
Learn to really, truly listen.
Get to know the parents of my friends.
Become an archer.
Go to a philosophy lecture.
Work in a library.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm not really happy with the things that have been up here recently, so they went in the trash. But now we are left with a void. It's funny how art can imitate life sometimes, meaning my lack of content here reflects a somewhat dry spell in reality. Perhaps the most obvious occurence in this emptiness of enthusiasm is an absence of photography in my days just now. I've yet to figure out if this is a cause or a symptom. Don't think that I want to complain or be depressing, because nothing is seriously wrong. It's just the dreaded low feeling, when even the things that interested me before seem dull and tepid. So, I usually try some diversionary tactics, or delve into the supremely comforting stuff, like old letters, Northanger Abbey and chocolate.

There are plenty of e-mails in the box. Food in the cabinet. Sunshine in the outdoors. People that care. I'm trying to remind myself of that.