Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Amy had some choice words to say about friendships as viewed by modern society and Christian churches today. She makes the point that because our culture is oriented toward lust in such a huge way, the mindset of loving one another is viewed only as romance. Now, I've often thought about this. The quest is to develop true, deep friendship and love without letting it change into something it was never meant to be. I know a lot of people that focus entirely on marriage, and view every relationship as to how it will get them closer towards that goal. It's hard to keep from thinking that way sometimes. But putting pressure on people to play a role that they aren't meant to fill can so easily destroy the good between friends.

How to be open when someone needs you, to listen as they share their heart, to feel their hurt and help them with the everyday.

Another point that Amy makes is that being driven by a romantic goal entirely will then put unfair obligations on the person you actually do end up involved with, making them the center of the universe to the exclusion of all others. While I do think that spouses should always have the other's good in mind, I don't think it is healthy to pour all of life into the marriage, discarding friends, relatives and society for "the one." It's not healthy to isolate life around one relationship, whatever that be. Of course, our final hope is Christ, as He is the only one that truly meets our needs, and He wants us to show that quality in our lives by feeling for and deeply loving people.