Friday, February 27, 2009

Fifth Lines

An ever pleasing tradition.

Perhaps, over the next year I will diligently study through these things with you that are a big part of your own faith journey.
I'm the steady 165 I've been for like 3 years, whether I like it or not.
I'd be interested to know what else you grow during the seasons.
Well done.
He said he knew Steve Howe, Leo Kottke, Al DieMieola, Paco Delucia, Ray Charles,and a host of others.
We are just waiting on summer down here - I can't wait!
I think my ambient mood temperature is on the upswing as well.
No more "up all night", rolling stones, bob dylan, beatles, aerosmith, or even the liberal hedonistic kinks.
I should be sending some more pictures pretty soon.
Most people stayed in motorhomes or cabins, but I brought a couple tents.
I helped myself to more than a few gobstoppers, fyi.
I hope that kind of equalizes things.
I associate you with the combination of all things english and the color blue.
I can't remember what all I told you in my last email.
Ah, the injustice!
I'll try and get that CD together next week, but time will tell.
From what I have read men mostly think with the left side of their brain which is the logical sequential side, and women think more with the emotional right side.
I'm glad to hear you've travelled the same path.
I hope to be working more on that also.

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