Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sometimes I let the opinions of others rule my own personal space. In reality, you know, the unseen, I should ask for my Master's advice and just listen to it. But just sometimes, I think, they'll not like that. Or they would like this better. Truth is, so many times I am dissatisfied with my own inaction, it spills over into my perception of what others think. And they're not paying attention, in actuality. Isn't that strange? I try to mold myself to people who aren't even watching. I wonder if what I think they're thinking is true. Or if what I think about them would bring surprise and shock.

And then there is the thought that there's no reality, just our perceptions. Does Yahweh keep the truth from us so that we won't go insane from it? Why are we kept from knowing the future? At times, I just think I can't deal with this outcome or that event. But I have when the time came, and then it's done. All that worry for nothing. And I grew from the trouble, that's His gift. I praise Yahweh for that, at least.

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